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Five Ideas For An End-of-Summer Road Trip

Preparing for the Change in Seasons

It won't be long before the days get cooler, the leaves start changing colour, and the geese are seen flying to Orlando to spend the winter at Disney World.

As summer winds to a close in the next few weeks, there is still time for one last "hurrah"; a weekend to make memories with a friend or loved one that will keep you going through the cold, dark winter months.

Here are a few tips to enjoy one last end-of-summer weekend road trip

These iseas won't break the bank or require that you burn up any more vacation time, but will put the finishing touches on a great summer.

• The explorer. Get out the map and sit down with your travel partner and find a place that is a three to six hour...

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How to Maintain Your Sanity on Long Trips

Long trips can test your sanity

You might start out okay – eagerly anticipating the journey and especially the rewarding destination – but part way through the trip you're at your wits' end. WHEN that happens ultimately depends on whether or not you have children and how many people there are in the vehicle during your trip.

So here are some tips to maintain your sanity while traveling Get creative to make the journey as fun as the destination. Plan periodic rest stops at historic sites, or just get out and stretch your legs and read a book. Too many people get stressed out about their trip because they see it as a painful necessity prior to their destination. A slight attitude adjustment can change all that around Make a...
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How to Stay Safe While on Road Trips

There's nothing like a road trip for the summer (or any other time of year for that matter)

It's great to get away from it all, feel the freedom of the open road, and just point your vehicle to an interesting (and perhaps new-to-you) destination.

But road trips can also be dangerous

far more dangerous than sitting on the couch or taking a walk around the park. Once on the road, you are opening yourself up to the risk of collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, and wildlife. Here are some top ways you can stay safe while on a road trip:

Plan where you are going. It's fun to drive until the road ends but when we don't know where we're going, that's when things become unsafe. An unexpected turn in the road can yield new unknown dangers...
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How to Increase the Safety of Your Trip

Safe drivers make the decision to drive safely

They remain focused and watchful while they drive and they proactively anticipate what other drivers are going to do. They don't get rattled by unexpected things, but they look far down the road to see what could happen and they are ready for it.

Safe drivers do something else that unsafe drivers do not

They plan ahead and choose routes that increase the likelihood that they will arrive at their destination safely.

A safe driver goes online to consider the weather, news, road conditions, and construction reports to assess the best route to go. They also check maps, social media, and news reports to determine what roads are going to be like.

They know that a route with...

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