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Is Your Vehicle NASCAR Safe?

Every Weekend, Thousands Flock To A Race Track To View A NASCAR Race

There's the Nationwide Series or the bigger, faster, and more famous Sprint Cup Series. (There's also a truck series and a Canadian NASCAR series, too). It's a popular sport that can attract over a hundred thousand spectators to a single race. Every fan has their favorite driver and the roar of the crowd at those races is almost as loud as the roar of the engines.

Nascar Safe Vehicle

In those races, the vehicles go very fast around a track, and in very close proximity. And sometimes, they collide for an explosive (and entertaining) collision that causes cars to go spinning around the track and over the grass.

But the drivers are very safe. Although there are injuries (and even the occasional tragic death), NASCAR cars are extremely safe. They have very strong cages that the vehicle is built around. The drivers are wedged in tightly with a lot of straps and protective padding. There are special "fins" on the vehicle that are built to keep the car close to the ground so that it is not likely going to flip over if it spins around. The barriers are made of foam and are highly absorbent. (Those "safer barriers" were put in place after Dale Earnhardt Senior lost his life in a crash several years ago). And there is a team of highly trained specialists who can respond to a crash in an instant. NASCAR drivers wear helmets and flame-retardant suits because of the high temperatures that they experience in the vehicle.

Components That Make Your Vehicle NASCAR Safe

You might not be driving a NASCAR vehicle and you're not going to be going nearly as fast but you have a lot of similar features built into your vehicle. Your vehicle is built around a special cage designed to protect the inhabitants of the vehicle. As well, the engine compartment and trunk are designed to crumple and fold up like an accordion instead of pushing into the passenger compartment. As well, the strong engine and the spare tire both offer additional protection in the event of a collision. Although our roads don't have special "safe barriers" on them, most vehicles do, in the form of airbags. You also have a seatbelt to keep you in place. Your vehicle's glass is designed to crumble instead of shatter to reduce injury when it breaks.

Although you may never drive as fast as those race car drivers do, your car has many of the safety features that are found in a NASCAR vehicle.

If you find yourself in a collision, the collision repair experts at Boyd Autobody & Glass are like your own personal pit crew, dedicated to repairing your vehicle and getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

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