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How to Stay Safe While Driving Next to the Parking Lane

When traveling, there's nothing like the feeling of the wide open road before you

You might get that feeling while driving on a major road, but once you're in town, things can be different: A line-up of vehicles parked in a parking lane to your right present a huge amount of potential danger: People are pulling out; they're stopping and backing up; people are walking out from between parked vehicles; they're opening doors into your lane. The parking lane might be a convenience to others but it's a menace to anyone driving in the lane to the left!

Here's how to drive a little more safely when there's a parking lane to the right of you Look ahead to take in the full line-up of vehicles, don't just look one or two vehicle lengths ahead...
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What's the Difference Between Financing and Leasing a Vehicle and Which One is Right For You?

To Finance Or Lease?

If you are thinking about getting a new vehicle, one of the things you'll need to consider is whether you want to finance your vehicle or lease it.


Financing your vehicle is where you borrow the money to buy it. You pay regular payments to the lending company. Leasing your vehicle is where you borrow the vehicle and pay regular payments to the company lending it to you.

With financing, you own the car. If you cannot make payments, the lending company will repossess the car to try and sell it and recoup what they couldn't collect from you. With leasing, the dealership owns the car. If you cannot make payments, the dealership will repossess the car to try and recoup what they couldn't collect from...

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Seven Tools of a Safe Driver

Safe driving is a choice

When they get behind the wheel, safe drivers choose to drive an appropriate speed for the conditions of the road and they choose to focus on the road and anticipate proactively what other drivers are going to do. Safe drivers have a number of tools at their disposal to help them driver more safely:

Brakes. Safe drivers know the power of their brakes. They understand that the faster they go, the more work their brakes have to do to stop their vehicles (and that braking distance increases exponentially the faster a vehicle is driving). Safe drivers don't ride the brakes when they are driving and they don't stand on the brakes when they are stopping. They give themselves plenty of time to brake Gauges. Safe...
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Best Practices for Driving in the Rain

Best practices to keep in mind while driving in the rain

When you're sitting on your covered deck during a rainfall, perhaps sipping a warm coffee and enjoying the smell and sound of the rain, it's nice. But when you're driving in rain, it's a completely different story.

Turn on your lights. This will make it easier for you to see and easier for others to see you Rain reduces your visibility. The harder the rain gets, the slower you should go… even if you are relying on your wipers to keep your windows clear. Don't be afraid to pull over when the rain falls so hard that you can't see in front of you. (Just make sure that you pull far enough over so that other vehicles don't hit you because they can't see you) Rain also reduces the...
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What Does the Future of Safe Driving Look Like?

When automobiles were first invented, they didn't have a lot of safety features on them

As more vehicles appeared on the roads and as speed limits increased, more safety features were introduced: Seat belts, airbags, crumple zones, heads-up displays, hands-free calling, safety glass, rearview cameras, and more.

What does the future look like?

How will advancements of the future change how our vehicles keep us safe? Here are some ideas. Obviously not all of these will definitely appear in our vehicles but some of them might. Who knows, maybe someone reading this article will be inspired to make vehicles even safer.

Vehicles that shut off prior to collision: One problem with collisions is not the initial collision but the...
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Best Practices for Driving Safe in Spring

In Canada, we face the most extreme weather

Winter can be as low as -40 C (even colder with the wind chill) and summer can be as high as +40 C. That's an 80 degree difference, which is hard on the roads and our vehicles. It also creates new challenges for us in each season, since we have to get used to the quirks and challenges of driving during that season. In summer, we face the blazing hot and blinding sun. In the winter, we barely maintain control on snowy, icy roads.

But what about the spring?

As short of a season as it is in Canada, it still presents its own unique challenges. Here are some top tips to driving safer in springtime.

Remember the temperature differential between day and night. The day time can be sunny and warm,
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