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Do This One Important Step Before You Get In Your Vehicle

Whether you have a short trip or a long trip, do this one important step first before you even get into your vehicle

Do a complete walk around of your vehicle. Starting from the driver's door, walk counter-clockwise around your vehicle. As you go, inspect the following:

Tire pressure: Do a visual check of your tires to make sure that each one has sufficient air. If a tire has too little air, it can cause your vehicle to pull in one direction while you drive and could even come off the rim. Reinflate your tires if necessary Tire condition: Although you might not need to check over each tire with a fine-toothed comb, keep your eye out for bulges and cuts in your tire, as well as the level of tread...
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Most Dangerous Bad Habits of Seasoned Drivers

Among safe driving educators, it is easy to point the finger at young drivers as being the unsafest drivers

The combination of inexperience and peer pressure to occasionally do dangerous things is not a good combination when someone is behind the wheel.

However, that doesn't mean seasoned drivers are necessarily safer. Seasoned drivers can still be unsafe drivers… But for very different reasons. For seasoned drivers, it all boils down to habits. Seasoned drivers might start off with good habits but over time it is easy to become lazy and let some good driving habits disappear, or even to fail to keep up to the changing demands of driving.

Here are some of the top ways that seasoned drivers are unsafe drivers They fail to...
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How to Stay Safe While Driving in Winter

As Canadians, we are forced to drive in varying conditions

Each of the four seasons presents us with different driving conditions. In the summer, our roads can be extremely hot (with many potholes and pedestrians) and in the winter, our roads can become slippery sheets of snow and ice.

Learning to drive in each of the four seasons is a must for Canadians.

So how do you drive more safely in the winter? Here are some top tips to help Keep a greater distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. In the summer, your vehicle might be able to stop on a dime but in the winter, your vehicle takes much longer to stop as ice and snow reduce the friction of pavement. It gets even worse around intersections. By maintaining a...
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How to Stay Safe While Driving Next to the Parking Lane

When traveling, there's nothing like the feeling of the wide open road before you

You might get that feeling while driving on a major road, but once you're in town, things can be different: A line-up of vehicles parked in a parking lane to your right present a huge amount of potential danger: People are pulling out; they're stopping and backing up; people are walking out from between parked vehicles; they're opening doors into your lane. The parking lane might be a convenience to others but it's a menace to anyone driving in the lane to the left!

Here's how to drive a little more safely when there's a parking lane to the right of you Look ahead to take in the full line-up of vehicles, don't just look one or two vehicle lengths ahead...
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Funny Vehicle Safety Features That We'll Never See

Our Vehicles Are Marvels of Modern Technology Over the years, vehicle safety features have evolved to provide us with an increasing amount of collision prevention and protection

From safety glass to seatbelts to air bags to crumple zones.

Although We Want Safe Vehicles, There Is A Limit

Here are some safety features you'll never see:

Glow-in-the-dark vehicle: "But officer, I didn't see the car" is a common complaint. This is solved if we all drove around in glow-in-the-dark vehicles Sumo belts: Instead of a seatbelt, drivers get into those novelty sumo wrestling suits so that, in the event of a collision, everyone bounces around harmlessly inside the vehicle Mandatory indicators: Who hasn't seen drivers turn without...
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What To Do In A Collision

When A Collision Happens, Everything Seems Distorted

For a brief moment after the grinding metal and broken glass, the world takes on a dizzying, almost unreal feeling. It's a physiological response to such a jarring event.

Actions To Take Once a Collision Has Occured

But it's these first moments after a collision that we need to act very rationally. It's difficult but here's what you need to do after a collision:

Make sure that your vehicle is safely out of harm's way and stop the vehicle. One of the most dangerous aspects of a collision is not necessarily the first collision but the potential for subsequent collisions that occur as people try to drive through a collision scene. If possible, pull your vehicle to the side of...
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Is Your Vehicle NASCAR Safe?

Every Weekend, Thousands Flock To A Race Track To View A NASCAR Race

There's the Nationwide Series or the bigger, faster, and more famous Sprint Cup Series. (There's also a truck series and a Canadian NASCAR series, too). It's a popular sport that can attract over a hundred thousand spectators to a single race. Every fan has their favorite driver and the roar of the crowd at those races is almost as loud as the roar of the engines.

In those races, the vehicles go very fast around a track, and in very close proximity. And sometimes, they collide for an explosive (and entertaining) collision that causes cars to go spinning around the track and over the grass.

But the drivers are very safe. Although there are injuries (and even the...

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Your Vehicle's Glass is a Key Component to Your Safety

The Importance Of Your Vehicle's Windshield

When you get into your vehicle and sit behind the wheel, the last thing you think about is your vehicle's glass. It's there but you don't really pay attention because you see through it to view the other (more important) things going on when you drive.

Your Vehicle's Glass Is A Key Component In Your Safety

Even if it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Here's why:

You vehicle's glass is very strong and takes a beating, protecting you from wind, dirt, dust, rocks, bugs, snow, ice and rain Your vehicle's glass is part of the structural integrity of your vehicle. Most people don't realize this but your vehicle's windows are designed to help maintain the shape of your vehicle and to...
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Are You Following Too Closely?

It Happens Every Day On Canadian Roads

One vehicle stops suddenly and the vehicle behind them locks up their brakes but can't stop in time and – CRASH – two cars try to occupy the same space. In the eyes of the law, the second car that couldn't stop in time is the one at fault in this completely avoidable collision scenario.

Drivers Are Not Keeping Safe Distance From Each Other

The reason is, drivers tend to follow each other too closely.

In some cases, it's obvious: Tailgaters ride right up on the bumper of the vehicle in front of them, which something you should only see in a NASCAR race and not on the roads.

In some cases, it's less obvious: Drivers might attempt to drive safely but still don't leave...

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Is It More Dangerous to Drive Today?

Is It Safer To Drive A Vehicle Today?

With all the modern advancements in safety technology, it might seem like it should be safer for us to drive today than ever before. But is that really the case?

When cars were first invented, they were such a novelty that only a few people had them and everyone approached them with caution. You couldn't go very fast in them and they weren't completely covered against the elements.

Today, vehicles are everywhere. Families have more than one vehicle. Vehicles go faster and are safer than ever before.

That Doesn't Necessarily Make It Safer To Drive We have more and more people using the same number of roads. Therefore, roads are more congested and that congestion can lead to collisions...
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