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Do This One Important Step Before You Get In Your Vehicle

Whether you have a short trip or a long trip, do this one important step first before you even get into your vehicle

Do a complete walk-around of your vehicle. Starting from the driver's door, walk counter-clockwise around your vehicle. As you go, inspect the following:

Tire pressure: Do a visual check of your tires to make sure that each one has sufficient air. If a tire has too little air, it can cause your vehicle to pull in one direction while you drive and could even come off the rim. Reinflate your tires if necessary Tire condition: Although you might not need to check over each tire with a fine-toothed comb, keep your eye out for bulges and cuts in your tire, as well as the level of tread...
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Is Your Vehicle NASCAR Safe?

Every Weekend, Thousands Flock To A Race Track To View A NASCAR Race

There's the Nationwide Series or the bigger, faster, and more famous Sprint Cup Series. (There's also a truck series and a Canadian NASCAR series, too). It's a popular sport that can attract over a hundred thousand spectators to a single race. Every fan has their favorite driver and the roar of the crowd at those races is almost as loud as the roar of the engines.

In those races, the vehicles go very fast around a track, and in very close proximity. And sometimes, they collide for an explosive (and entertaining) collision that causes cars to go spinning around the track and over the grass.

But the drivers are very safe. Although there are injuries (and even the...

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How to Increase the Safety of Your Trip

Safe drivers make the decision to drive safely

They remain focused and watchful while they drive and they proactively anticipate what other drivers are going to do. They don't get rattled by unexpected things, but they look far down the road to see what could happen and they are ready for it.

Safe drivers do something else that unsafe drivers do not

They plan ahead and choose routes that increase the likelihood that they will arrive at their destination safely.

A safe driver goes online to consider the weather, news, road conditions, and construction reports to assess the best route to go. They also check maps, social media, and news reports to determine what roads are going to be like.

They know that a route with...

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When Road Rage Rears Its Ugly Head

We talk about road rage as something that many drivers feel, and as a sign of how crazy it can get on the roads

Road rage creates unsafe drivers because angry drivers are not cautious drivers.

We talk about it… But do we spend a lot of time figuring out how to stop it? By identifying the triggers of road rage, we can help people manage it and eliminate it.

Heavy traffic

One of the places where road rage appears is in heavy traffic. Drivers want to get somewhere and they feel boxed in by heavy traffic – frequently because that traffic isn't going as fast as the driver wants. If you tend to get boxed in by traffic and feel like it's holding you back, speeding is not the answer. The answer is to take another route. Get...

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Top Tips for Driving at Dusk

The Challenges of Driving During The Day or Night During the day, we might be blinded by the sun During the night, we might not see very well even if our vehicle's headlights are illuminating the path


The Challenges of Driving At Dusk

One time of day we don't think about is dusk. Unfortunately, dusk is a very difficult time to drive. Here are five top tips to drive at dusk:

1. Be aware of the quickly changing light conditions. One moment might be extremely sunny so we are forced to wear sunglasses, but within moments, the sun can darken and our sunglasses end up doing more harm than good. If we don't have sunglasses, be aware that the rapidly changing light conditions can be very difficult on our eyes (which...

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How to Organize a Local Car Show

Benefits of a Local Car Show

Local car shows are a great way to get people together who share a common appreciation for vehicles. Car shows are also good for business and they can help to raise money for charity. If you run a business or want to raise money for a good cause, here are some tips to help you organize a local car show.

Tips for Organizing Local Car Show

• Decide on a theme. Do you want a classic car show? Do you want a motorcycle show instead? Do you want an antique car show? Or maybe just a general car show that auto enthusiasts of any type can participate in?

• Gauge interest. Talk to potential participants to see if they are interested in taking part. Check a calendar of local events to make sure that...

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Misconceptions About Collisions

What's Really Going On Behind The Wheel?

According to Transport Canada, there were over 120,000 collisions in Canada in 2009 (the last full year that statistics are available for). That's approximately 13 or 14 every single hour, or slightly more than one every five minutes.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: "I'm not going to get into a collision; I'm a safe driver". But many people who say that have two misconceptions that they are not considering.

What Causes Collisions?

First, no one ever plans to get into a collision. Deciding not to get into a collision isn't really a "decision" you can make.

Second, collisions don't just happen because two unsafe drivers crash into each other. They happen when one unsafe driver...

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How to Stay Safe When You Lose Control of The Vehicle

Most safe driving skills teach you to remain in control of your vehicle at all times. But that's not always possible.

There are times when even the safest drivers lose control of their vehicle: There might be water or ice or gravel that robs us of control, or a collision might cause us to lose control as well. If we lose control of the vehicle, here's how to stay safe. 

What you need to do first

We're making an assumption here that you are already driving safely, which means your seat belt is buckled, your hands are at "nine and three" on the steering wheel, and you're not talking on your cell phone.

When you lose control

Here is what you should do when you lose control:

Don't panic. Yes,
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Top Tips for Driving in the Fall

The seasons change. As fall approaches, the weather will be different than it has been all summer and it will change how our cars handle. Therefore, it should change how we drive so we can drive our cars more safely.

The sun is rising later and it is setting earlier. Dusk and dawn are the most difficult times to drive because the sun might be right in our eyes and the rapidly changing daylight at these times can also have an impact on how well see The trees are changing color and dropping their leaves. This can create a number of distractions – from a beautiful tree that captures our attention momentarily to a small whirlwind of leaves that blow around and distract us briefly. Yes, this might seem minor but even a small distraction is...
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Tips for Safe Driving at Intersections

A lot of collisions occur at intersections

We thought it would be a good idea to write an article reminding people how to drive safely through intersections. We're focusing on intersections with lights but the same amount of care and attention is required for intersections with stop signs.

Recommendations If the light is green while you're approaching the intersection, slow down slightly and check the cross streets for cars that aren't stopping for their red light, and the left turn lane for oncoming traffic that might turn in front of you. If you get into a collision, it's likely that it will come from one of these trouble spots. Slowing down slightly gives you extra time to evaluate the risks and judge what your best option is When the...
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