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Misconceptions About Collisions

What's Really Going On Behind The Wheel?

According to Transport Canada, there were over 120,000 collisions in Canada in 2009 (the last full year that statistics are available for). That's approximately 13 or 14 every single hour, or slightly more than one every five minutes.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: "I'm not going to get into a collision; I'm a safe driver". But many people who say that have two misconceptions that they are not considering.

What Causes Collisions?

First, no one ever plans to get into a collision. Deciding not to get into a collision isn't really a "decision" you can make.

Second, collisions don't just happen because two unsafe drivers crash into each other. They happen when one unsafe driver...

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What Back to School Means for Drivers

Back To School!

It's that time of year again when our mailboxes are brimming with flyers for back to school specials. Pens for a dime? Notebooks for a quarter? Back to school outfits for a toonie? Sounds good! We'll take a dozen of each!

"Back to school" means something else entirely for drivers

"Back to school" should be synonymous with "SLOW DOWN".

In the summer drivers tend to relax a little because (compared to winter driving) the roads are nice and dry and we can see further ahead. The sun is out for much longer and people take vacations, so there are fewer people on the roads. In other words, it's much easier to drive safely in the summer and (if we were to be honest with ourselves) we may slack a little in our driving...

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Sending Your Child to College? Make Sure They're Ready With These Essential Items

The Essentials For Students in College

When a parent sends their children off to college, they'll send them on their way with all of the essentials that these students need to live while studying: Clean bedding and towels, laundry soap, and an industrial-sized box of macaroni and cheese.

What about transportation?

If your university-aged child is bringing a vehicle to college, make sure that they will be safe while driving. The vehicles of college students might not be the safest or most reliable pieces of machinery on the road. So while you should be sure that they have clean underwear to wear, you should also make sure that they can get to and from class safely.

Give them the gift of safety by bringing their vehicle in for a...

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Five Ideas For An End-of-Summer Road Trip

Preparing for the Change in Seasons

It won't be long before the days get cooler, the leaves start changing colour, and the geese are seen flying to Orlando to spend the winter at Disney World.

As summer winds to a close in the next few weeks, there is still time for one last "hurrah"; a weekend to make memories with a friend or loved one that will keep you going through the cold, dark winter months.

Here are a few tips to enjoy one last end-of-summer weekend road trip

These iseas won't break the bank or require that you burn up any more vacation time, but will put the finishing touches on a great summer.

• The explorer. Get out the map and sit down with your travel partner and find a place that is a three to six hour...

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How to Organize a Local Car Show

Benefits of a Local Car Show

Local car shows are a great way to get people together who share a common appreciation for vehicles. Car shows are also good for business and they can help to raise money for charity. If you run a business or want to raise money for a good cause, here are some tips to help you organize a local car show.

Tips for Organizing Local Car Show

• Decide on a theme. Do you want a classic car show? Do you want a motorcycle show instead? Do you want an antique car show? Or maybe just a general car show that auto enthusiasts of any type can participate in?

• Gauge interest. Talk to potential participants to see if they are interested in taking part. Check a calendar of local events to make sure that...

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Several Ways to Preserve and Improve The Value of Your Vehicle

How Quicky Do Vehicles Lose Their Value?

It's said that vehicles lose half their value the moment you drive them off of the lot. While that might be an anecdotal estimate at best, the truth is that cars devalue every time the odometer clicks past another number.

Managing Your Vehicle's Depreciation To Minimize Loss Over Time

Just because your car will constantly depreciate doesn't mean that you can't manage its depreciation and help to minimize the loss of value over time. Here are some tips to do that effectively.

Keep the inside of your vehicle clean. You probably keep the cup holders wiped clean of coffee rings, but a key area where cars can deteriorate on the inside is completely unseen: Carpets in the foot-wells build up with...
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What's the Difference Between Financing and Leasing a Vehicle and Which One is Right For You?

To Finance Or Lease?

If you are thinking about getting a new vehicle, one of the things you'll need to consider is whether you want to finance your vehicle or lease it.


Financing your vehicle is where you borrow the money to buy it. You pay regular payments to the lending company. Leasing your vehicle is where you borrow the vehicle and pay regular payments to the company lending it to you.

With financing, you own the car. If you cannot make payments, the lending company will repossess the car to try and sell it and recoup what they couldn't collect from you. With leasing, the dealership owns the car. If you cannot make payments, the dealership will repossess the car to try and recoup what they couldn't collect from...

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Top Reasons Why Your Vehicle Won't Start

There's Nothing Like That Sinking Feeling When You Turn The Key In The Ignition and Nothing Happens

Since a vehicle is a big group of complicated systems -- with each one connected to several other systems -- it can be daunting to know where to start. Fortunately, there are a few common reasons and these are a good place to start.

Here Are A Few Of The Top Reasons Why Your Car Won't Start

Immobilizer. Many vehicles are equipped with immobilizer devices and those devices are engaged and disengaged through computer chips embedded in the key or a key fob. Unfortunately, those chips aren't always durable when they're jammed into your pocket with your cellphone, chewing gum, and coins. Check to make sure the immobilizer light isn't...

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How to Care for your Freshly Painted Vehicle

Tips To Take Care of Your Freshly Painted Vehicle

1. Wash the vehicle by hand or a touchless car wash system, not a commercial brush or soft cloth system.

2. Wash with cold water only in summer, in the shade, and with warm water in the winter. Do not use detergents or cleaners.

3. Wipe off all water spots with a soft clean cloth or chamois after a wash.

4. Do not wax, polish, or apply any sealant products for at least 90 days.

5. Keep the vehicle from unnecessary extremes of high and low temperatures.

6. Do not park under trees or near industrial facilities with heavy fallout/smoke.

7. Avoid driving over gravel roads.

8. During winter months have under fenders and hidden areas force pressure...

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How to Pass Safely

How To Adjust To Other Drivers On The Road

If you were the only vehicle on the road, you could drive as fast as you wanted and not have to worry about other people. But you're not. You have to share the road with other people who choose to go a different speed than you. At times, you'll need to pass other drivers.

Here Is How To Pass A Vehicle Safely

Passing is a huge cause of some of the worst collisions because they are head-on collisions. 

When deciding to pass, check your speed versus the vehicle in front of you. You will need to accelerate at least 10 to 20 kilometres an hour faster to get around the car in front of you quickly – you do not want to be in the opposite lane for very long Check the vehhicles...
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